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Psychometric Assessment

As an integral part of our Executive Search process,  we offer Psychometric Assessments to enrich conversations. In addition to this, we also conduct Assessments as a stand alone service.

In this era of flexible working, it has never been more important to fully understand the limits and potential of your future hires, and how they work under pressure as well as in their relaxed state.


Previously, any areas of conflict would be quickly identified, but with flexible working now the norm, it may take months before any undesirable or disruptive characteristics become apparent. In the time it takes for these to surface, irreparable damage could be done to your reputation, both internally and externally.

Our particular brand of psychometric testing allows you you to identify potential conflicts of culture in advance, providing an extra level of protection for you, your team and your reputation.

On the other side of the coin, it can help to uncover hidden strengths - enabling you to confidently hire individuals who will serve to strengthen your reputation for excellence, both internally and externally.

Our Capabilities

Using our expert-level interviewing techniques, the latest empirical Big5 research and cloud-based technology we bring you meaningful data and context, expertly delivered through in-depth feedback sessions and clear, meaningful reports. 


We provide an accurate, personalised reading of an individual’s strengths and development areas, providing rich personal insights and practical benefits for everyone. 

Avoiding the bias inherent in many other popular psychometrics, we embrace paradoxes, embodying seemingly opposite personality traits at the same time.


Nothing in life or at work is straightforward, and human nature certainly isn’t. Did you know we can be both extroverted and introverted in different contexts? 

Our assessments inspire people to develop the skills most needed today and in the future, encouraging adaptability, agility, a growth mindset, partnering, authenticity and the ability to lead self and others. 


By measuring the three distinct personas, we give consistent insights to an individual’s whole personality.


Our approach serves to increase self awareness, reveal hidden potential and improve the ability to cope under pressure, whilst also identifying practical actions for improved communications, teamwork and leadership.

Thinking of Ideas

How It Works


We cover the BIG 5 Personalities traits:


We will measure 72 personality qualities across three personas:

•    Underlying Persona
•    Everyday Persona
•    Overextended Persona

Upon completing the assessment an in-depth report will be generated alongside an engaging portrait downloadable on an App. Our qualified practitioner will then conduct an in depth and interactive two hour feedback session.

During this session, we will explore the three personas, looking at how each quality interacts and changes in different circumstances. Using these insights, we will guide you with a walk through journey to composure and growth.

Emotional Agility Assessment

A wise man adapts himself to circumstances, as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it - Confucius

We use our Emotional Agility Assessment to explore and understand levels of: 

•    Self-Awareness
•    Awareness of Others
•    Emotional Flexibility 


A deep understanding into these aspects of our personalities means we can use this knowledge to take meaningful action. 

We have all been in a high stress, overextended state. Often, this leaves you to decide between Fight, Flight or Freeze mode.


We use our assessment tools to understand your current Emotional Agilities and Reactors.


We will then work to understand each one better and how they manifest in real life.


By having a better understanding of ourselves and others, we will be able to increase composure, choose better responses and channel behaviours towards desired goals and values. 

Panoramic View


How well do I know myself? 

Key characteristics of Self-Awareness:​


  • Being mindful and curious about your thoughts and emotions

  • Noticing your self-talk - listening to what you're saying to yourself

  • Validating your thoughts against reality

  • Challenging unhelpful and inaccurate thoughts

  • Affirming helpful and empowering thoughts 

  • Being aware of the relationship between your thoughts, emotions and behaviours

  • Having an accurate and realistic view of your strengths and possible weaknesses 

  • Being open to feedback and showing a willingness to change

Awareness of Others 


How well do I read others and facilitate better relationships?

Key characteristics of Awareness of Others:

  • Understanding others perspectives

  • Showing consideration for others

  • Controlling emotions to avoid damaging relationships 

  • Recognising the impact of own behaviour on others

  • Ability to manage conflict

Woman at Work

Key Characteristics of Emotional Flexibility:

  • Reading situations quickly 

  • ‘Tuning up’ and ‘tuning down’ behaviours effectively and authentically 

  • Adapting (emotional responses in) to demanding situations and challenges

  • Knowing how to manage emotions and behaviours to get the most out of situations

Taking Meaningful Action

  • Understanding your purpose and values

  • Defining meaningful goals and setting strategies for action 

  • Managing your emotions and behaviours so they are aligned with your purpose, goals and values


Collaborating at Work

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